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Shop Business-to-Business

Are you a business owner, club president or team manager looking for a hands off merchandise experience for your group?


Shop Dressr offers custom business-to-business printing where your members order directly from us! 

What this means for you: 

  • A fully customized catalogue featured on our website for your members to shop from. 

  • No more collecting money, arranging delivery or managing sizing. 

  • A fully customizable kick-back arrangement agreed upon between Shop Dressr and your organization. 

Ready to fill your Dressr with customized merch?

1. Email us your logos and design concept to and we will get back to you will a design catalogue of products based on your requirements. 

2. Once designs, products and kick backs are agreed to, we will create a fully customized page for your customers to shop from. Visit the B2B drop down for examples of other businesses operating with this service.

3. Select a pre-order competition date for group delivery or just let the orders roll in and ship out on demand.

If you are selecting a group delivery, we will arrange a free shipping code for your customers to use at checkout. 

4. Let your brand shine! 

Questions or ready to go?

Email to get your business-to-business shop started today!

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